. . . Considering Authors from A to Z

So, my friend Last Grey Poet over at his blog talked about going shopping for used books, and how that led him to think about his A-Z list of favorite authors. In true friend fashion, he waited until I was getting ready to do some paper grading and then suggested his friends should also compose […]

. . . Revisiting Heroscape

So, a little bit of a 5-year hiatus has finally brought me back to this site. Blame Covid-19, I suppose. So I dug all my old Heroscape stuff out of the closet and setup a massive battleground and roped Older Son into playing. This was a giant battle, 1000 points per side. And my Younger […]

. . . Painting this Year

Finally got to my first minis for the year. A new (second) gaming group is part of my current gaming schedule, and I wanted to get their characters done, so the party has painted minis, even if most of the monsters will be represented by dice and tiles. I’m pretty happy with these guys. Their […]

. . . Tracking 4th/5th Level Stats

So, the Manglers have been back to playing D&D5e this month. We haven’t had a session with the full group in a while (and the last time we did, I forgot to track damage stats). So, the whole gang was back together last night for a battle against some cultists and a ton of bullywugs. […]

. . . Reflecting on ACKS

So, we’re four sessions in to our Dwimmermount game using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System. (Latest session report here: https://sites.google.com/site/manglingacks/home/campaign-journal/session412915#) Here are some random thoughts I have on what we’ve seen so far: * Old-school leveling is tough, especially for new-school players. The player running Sydow the cleric is having a particularly tough time with how unspecialized his […]

. . . Preparing to Judge ACKS

So, the Manglers had their second session in Dwimmermount last night. A record of the action in the second session can be found here. In this post, I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve done to prepare for this campaign beyond reading the campaign setting and trying to understand the rules. One of the first […]

. . . Creating ACKS characters for Dwimmermount

So, the Rotgut Manglers have recently started a new campaign set in Dwimmermount using Adventurer, Conqueror, King System. We’ve never played this rules set before, but we like the way it looks. Our first session was mainly about character creation; although we were able to play a little at the end. I was a little surprised at how long […]

. . . Looking Back at 2014

Another year come and gone. It wasn’t a bad year for gaming around here, but it wasn’t the best year either. Mostly, we settled into a new routine with a virtual player–it really doesn’t seem like an entire year that we’ve been playing with a virtual Robert. Last year, I commented that these were the […]

. . . Tracking D&D Stats

So, the Manglers played the second session of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen last night. Another solid session where we fought some kobolds and cultists, saw our bear get beaten by a half-dragon, and ended the session by splitting the party in the worst way imaginable: the ranger in deep cover with the cultists, my […]

. . . Playing D&D 5th Edition

So, I’ve run a few sessions of D&D 5e using the Starter Set, and found it entertaining. But now, the youngest Mangler has stepped up to be the DM for a new campaign, running the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. (Or, as I will now be calling it the Horde of the Dragon-kin.)   The […]