3 comments on “. . . Playing Yomi

  1. Glad to see your blog is running again! I don’t think I can post this under favorites on my blogger page though.

    This was my favorite of the three shared generating systems that we have seen (Burning Empires and A Song of Ice and Fire had the other two). This was definitely my favorite (although it was also the most involved).

    I loved the narrative scenes and wished that more people would have generated some (I think I was the only player who did). I think that we fleshed out details a lot more in those scenes.

    I’m voting that we never play a packaged setting again!

  2. Epic fail!

    I’ve rectified one of the errors. You are now a favorite on my blog.

    However, I fear this mis-post will remain forever as a symbol of my shame. Alas.

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