One comment on “. . . Playing Titan

  1. I actually enjoyed the game quite a bit (although victory may have caused my glasses to become rose-tinted). I can see that experience with the game will speed things up. Our first few rounds were incredibly slow; however, the game picked up the pace a bit after we mastered the movement rules. Likewise, having a better command of what monster begets which other monster and where said begetting happens would help keep us from having to turn over every legion every round. Also, we were not very aggressive which led to having lots of large legions roaming the board. A few more fights would have cleared some of those out.

    That said, I’d imagine four-five hours would be about as quick as four people could hope to get through the game. I also don’t enjoy sitting and watching as a player resolves three skirmishes, none of which involve me.

    Still, I’d like to play again. However, I would want to play on a Saturday afternoon, so I can get to bed at a decent hour.

    Comparing it to the other memorable board games you have introduced me to (although these are really apple to oranges comparisons):

    Dominion > Chaos in the Old World > Pandemic > Titan >>>>> Descent >>> that zombie miniature game.

    I tried to think of all the board games you’ve shown us, but those are apparently the only ones that have made an impact on me.

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