3 comments on “. . . Playing Heroica

  1. Thanks for the mention! I picked up all four of the expansions and I love the concept of the game. Tom and I are currently working on some crazy modifications for the game as well to really help those with ample LEGO collections. I’m dying to grab the Pirate Ship LEGO game so I can make a pirate-themed quest. Or grabbing some regular sized LEGO figures to force you to fight giants!

    But the biggest issue we found was how easily the monsters get defeated so we’re thinking of making it more like an RPG where it may take a few hits to kill off the boss of a dungeon. One-hit KOing a bat is fine, but the Golem Lord shouldn’t go down as easily.

    • I’d be curious to see what you came up with as game mods. I love the idea of regular-sized Lego figs as giants.

      For monsters with more hps, you could always stick a number of round 1x1s on top of their heads and take them off as they lose health.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. The website BrickLink allows for buying and selling LEGO parts, one could probably find those grey shelf-like pieces for your hero’s stash there. I want to do that so I could increase the players’ inventory.
    I have 3 of the 4 Heroica sets, so our inventory shelf fills up with monsters pretty quickly.

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