4 comments on “. . . Tracking D&D Stats

  1. First, I’m glad that you are posing after each session. Second, I love the chart. It’s very interesting. I assume that you are counting the sorcerers’s cantrip attacks into the mix. If so, he’s rocking a +6 to hit with his cantrips, which is probably the highest “to hit” in the party. I think I only need a 6 to hit kobolds, which should correspond to a 70% hit rate, so I’m not that far above the curve. I actually think that the druid and ranger rates are the anomalies (I didn’t catch the half-dragon’s AC though, so Billy’s might be correct.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this goes during a session with a few more standard combats.

    • I just remembered that you had taken the Half-Dragon fight out. Billy’s to hit rate is also way low. I’m guessing that he and Paul are at +5? Against kobolds, they should be rocking more like 65%. The big question is now that Billy has the data, will he do something about his dice?

    • Yep. Sorcerer cantrips are counted, and I think your +6 is the best in the group. Ranger’s luck seemed to balance out with how many times he got hit.

      • For most of the fights my dice were pretty cold. I should be hitting kobolds pretty regularly with my attacks. I am thinking of multiclassing to Fighter after 4th level. What do you guys think of that?

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