3 comments on “. . . Playing Nuclear War

  1. This is definitely a beer and pretzels game, but it is a king in the category.

    There is a lot of luck involved, unless you tweak some rules (or add some of the expansions). I enjoy the luck, though, as it seems to fit this game of merciless destruction.

    Five players is an ideal number — enough to form (often temporary) alliances, not so many that everyone gets bored after being eliminated. In my experience the games were always over quickly enough that boredom usually didn’t set in for me when I was knocked out first. Then again, maybe I take a little too much joy in watching and rooting against the bastard who took me out.

    If you don’t like the spinner — I don’t much care for spinners; too much arguing when the arrow lands on a line — there are rules in the book for using dice.


    P.S. — Thanks for the tidbit about the game being from 1965. I hadn’t realized it was quite that old.

    P.P.S. — I feel like I should be doing something else right now, but I can’ think what that might be. Something about planning something, I think. It’ll come to me.

  2. Thanks, Jon. I seem to remember liking this game more back in college. I think I’m slowly coming to realize that B&P games don’t do as much for me now as they used to. I think that as the amount of time I have to play decreases, the amount I expect from a game increases: if I’m going to spend my precious time on a game, it better deliver something significant. I’ll have to revisit Nuclear War when I retire. 😉

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